Original Idea

Below is the original July 2019 Idea. It has changed a bit now in order to actually make it work…and better.

You are smoking at work. You have 30 seconds to get rid of cigarette or YOU’RE FIRED.

Basically – you are the kind of person who just has to have a smoke…even while at work…and your jobs happen to be at super dangerous and explosive places. After your 12 days (puzzles) of work – you get a new job offer that takes you to a new environment and new dangers. Examples: Fireworks Factory (Boom), Toy Factory (Glue, Paint and Fur), Landscape(Gas, Fertilizer, Propane), Rocket Science Lab…etc. You will get Cig upgrades – like an e-cig that can be affected by magnets and gives of a burst of electricity if it touches the wrong thing. Each “day” gives you a new obstacle. One hand throws the cig and the other will need to push buttons or pull levers to control the environment.

Around the office – you will notice that things change from day to day and throwing your cig into something (like an open container) – may get you a bonus/secret (another track for that) like, new cigarette pack, vape juice, dip, a new smoke ring to blow at the beginning of levels, new ashtrays, etc….

You will also find documents and be inducted into the S3 – the secret smokers society… that’s who’s getting you the new jobs…your kinda like a dumb smoking spy -lol

So I killed the back story for now. But I hope to put things in the environment that tells a “story”.

Time to make a new game

So, I’m at a family dinner with the in-laws when my brother-in-law starts talking about a toy basketball hoop in his apartment and how his friends always throw balls and other things through it. YADAYADA

Light Bulb – I’m always coming up with game ideas BTW.  At that moment I was on Reddit and posting a game idea for the public about a little psycho-wanna be dentist kid that steals teeth.  – Trust me, it makes sense.

Then I just started writing a another post for a game I called Secret Smoke Break.  I upload the idea…(I will include the exact wording in another post). SO… I tell my wife about the idea. Usually I get the eye-roll.  But, she says…TAKE THAT POST DOWN RIGHT NOW AND MAKE THAT GAME. Holy Poop.

That was July 2019.  This pic is from 2 weeks later.

An Idea

Testing Room

And so it begins …

OK – Plane Jane Website.  Fancy website = too much time away from making games.

I started my latest project, Smoke Break, in July 2019 and, I think its going well.  I will be posting screenshots of progress and going back into my saved archive and posting some of the old stuff so that I can memorialize some of the progress.

Right now I am working on the throwing mechanics.  This is good news. I have an actual plan with an end goal now.

Most of the assets are in intact and I am creating a few more.  I probably need to stop and just make it work. I just discovered that probuilder helps me make some quick models.  When the hell did I get that? Didn’t even know I had it. I was using Blender before, but it’svery quirky, so the less time in Blender the better.  But I like hacking crap together.

I have a look and feel to the game that I like and this was just supposed to be a little game…But now it looks to be better and bigger than planned.  Gotta make some more levels …. Now I want to make it compatible with Vive, Oculus, Windows MR, Gear VR, Daydream and maybe even be able to play a mobile version.  Holy Cow.

I plan to post here weekly and some of the posts will be technical and bitchy, but I want to be able to retrace my actions if needed… So this is my blog to me.  It may be a little loose and unrefined… oh well.