Tee Up

OK- I am 1/2 way through making courses. The release goal is 8. I have 4. I am really honing my techniques. Maybe someday I’ll be a pro-golf course designer…lol. Using some cool LOD techniques now and post-processing to give a more vivid look. The wind is working on trees and plants. And, I have birds and butterflies to start the wildlife.

DRB Course – So nice.

I’ve done so much since my last post. I even have a multiplayer mode that works. Need to tweak it, but multiplayer will be offered. THIS IS HUGE. Took me almost two months of coding because I didn’t have a clue about multiplayer. But it WORKS!

New Dynamic Map and ScoreCard

Yuck – the color pallette without post-processing. OMG – that mini-map was such a pain, but, I figured it out. There is a lot of shader-magic going on here. And the above shot is from a play-test where I finally got it all working,

Check out that map ball – nice trail to show your ball path

I find myself hitting the ball and then just watching the action on the camera and mini-map. So fun.

Gotta have hats, glasses, and staches…

Then above is just a little taste of the hats that can be won and worn by your player. And yes you can show off your swag in multiplayer mode. Also- a little screenshot of my new Japanese maples in full wind and leaf glory. Sweet. Had to learn some 3-D max for the trees, but hey… what’re another 2 weeks?

Jasper Flats Course… An early version for testing.
The Jasper Flats Mesh

And last, I just wanted to show what my course meshes look like, and above you can see the mesh in the game. OK… Gotta grind.