Music and New Levels

The last couple of couple weeks I have been working on the level environments. I keep adding more and more. It’s like a OCD thing. There are now 8 levels / jobs. I was going to launch with 5…and then add a new level each month. But maybe start with 8, and then add more? Hmm.

This ties into music. Composer, Julian Crowhurst is working on all of the music. That’s great because, now, all of the original music will be from one person. He sent me demo of the intro track and it’s great.

I was looking at an older message from him and saw that he had suggested, as a level, a gas station. Well, I just had to make one and now I have outdoor levels. Watch out!

Julian’s Garage

Julian’s Garage will also feature fireworks so that you can send them into the sky in VR.

Then I was looking thru my old notes and saw a few good ideas. A dark level where you need a flashlight stood out. So, I made a dark mine I call Sunshine Mining Co, where you have a head mounted lamp to light your way. And I have a new starting level, full of boxes and signs and stuff, that I call the basement.