The New Year of 2019

Happy New Year.  I took a couple of weeks off for the holidays and to reset.   I had to figure out how I wanted all the parts to come together into a story kind of thing.   I think I have it now.

So now comes the professor’s lab.  Ya see, the professor believes in magic as a science.  He studies it.  The company he works for, Jadu, has acquired an actual mages laboratory, complete with spell books and wizard hat.  It’s kept in a secure location, behind sealed doors.

Luckily, the professor has full access.  He actually has taken the liberty to make the lab more homey so that he can work longer hours.  Outside power lines help to run his modern equipment, but all he really needs is his record player.  Music is math, it helps him relax and see into the arcane.  The professor is working on ways to merge technology and magic to aid humankind.  He already has several inventions.

Here are some screens of the professor.  I am working on the initial storyline – told thru security camera videos and notes.   The first shows his animation rigging within unity and the other shows a security camera view.

Some Old Screenies

I decided to post some old screenshots of the matching area. It shows some of the playmaker actions along with some of the baddies. The T-rex image shows him breaking thru the force field. That’s why he is cut in half. The bad guys are invisible when on the 2-plane thanks to a cool shader trick from vacuum shaders – definitely the inspiration for starting this game.

Then, of course, the whole thing gets out of control and bigger and more levels, and a story, and all in VR.  Nuts.

And so it begins …

OK – Plane Jane Website.  Fancy website = too much time away from making games.

I started my latest project, 3 Things, in September 2018 and, I think its going well.  I will be posting screenshots of progress and going back into my saved archive and posting some of the old stuff so that I can memorialize some of the progress.

Right now I am working on a revision of the matching section of the game.  This is good news.  I have an actual plan with an end goal now.

Most of the assets are in intact and I am creating a few more.  I probably need to stop and just make it work.  I just discovered that Paint 3D helps me make some quick models.  When the hell did I get that?  Didn’t even know I had it.  I was using Blender before, but its very quirky, so the less time in Blender the better.  Thinking about some Maya.  But I like hacking crap together.

So I have 2 levels 90% complete.  I have  a look and feel to the game that I like and this was just supposed be a little game…But now it looks to be better and bigger than planned.  Now I want to make it compatible with Vive, Oculus, Windows MR, Gear VR, Daydream and maybe even be able to play a mobile version.  Holy Poop.

I plan to post here weekly and some of the posts will be technical and bitchy, but I want to be able to retrace my actions if needed… So this is my blog to me.


An older poster design (2 months ago) so much changed.