A little buddy

Made a robot caddy and got a little carried away. He follows you around the course and makes generally fantastic commentary. He also flies over water and other hazards. I used some parts and sounds from Smokebreak. Then I thought…he needs a mouth and needs to blink and …oh. So I hand drew 16 or so mouth positions and they change when speaking. Then I hired a guy to do the voice-over and made him sound robotty… There is a short vid of him moving and talking below.

And I made a hitting range to practice swinging AND an indoor putting green. I have a plan, it will make sense. And it all looks really good! Almost ready to go back to coding the menus, testing the courses, and RELEASE. T minus 3 months!

It’s C4DE … caddy. He’s nice (for now)

And I made some make-believe logos and fictitious golf brands. Now I must resist making more robots (for now).