The Wild Blue Yonder

Almost finished another course named “Yonder”. It’s a secret military airport located in a valley complete with bunkers and a mountain entrance. Planes circle overhead, take off, and land. Satellite dishes and antennae dot the landscape. I have to make little tweaks to the greens but will do it this week. I am going back to programming next week and then it’s ALPHA time. Gotta test out the courses in VR.

Yonder – Valley Air – WIP

A horsey farm

Added Jasper Flats to the course line-up. It’s a horse farm. Complete with moving horses and a train…. because uh. And gigantic wind turbines for the green peoples.

A horse stable in the background – Jasper Flats

I was going to make a farm, but with the brewery course that I made, now called “Bearboon” – I decided to make a horse farm stable thing instead. It looks great and it’s fully optimized. I’m getting 300+ fps on the computer. Now I am off to re-do the first prototype course. A Japanese theme with a dragon lake. This version will be a little more realistic and have a better scale. You live/program…you learn. Almost ready for play tweaking. Hoping to be in Alpha / Beta by August. WOW!

Bay Side

Just finished up the Millers Bay course. Now, I will make one more course and then onto working on the gameplay. I need to work on the GUI too. But, all is going well.

Secret – I don’t really enjoy real golf…the bugs, the sun, the outdoors, the long play time, the price, … But golf in VR is good stuff.

Foggy day at Millers Bay

Swamp … But

Working on a new course. Just got back from Florida and the everglades… rode on an airboat, saw some gators, ate a frog leg. Ready to make a swamp course.

Swamp Grass at Goat Creek

Tee Up

OK- I am 1/2 way through making courses. The release goal is 8. I have 4. I am really honing my techniques. Maybe someday I’ll be a pro-golf course designer…lol. Using some cool LOD techniques now and post-processing to give a more vivid look. The wind is working on trees and plants. And, I have birds and butterflies to start the wildlife.

DRB Course – So nice.

I’ve done so much since my last post. I even have a multiplayer mode that works. Need to tweak it, but multiplayer will be offered. THIS IS HUGE. Took me almost two months of coding because I didn’t have a clue about multiplayer. But it WORKS!

New Dynamic Map and ScoreCard

Yuck – the color pallette without post-processing. OMG – that mini-map was such a pain, but, I figured it out. There is a lot of shader-magic going on here. And the above shot is from a play-test where I finally got it all working,

Check out that map ball – nice trail to show your ball path

I find myself hitting the ball and then just watching the action on the camera and mini-map. So fun.

Gotta have hats, glasses, and staches…

Then above is just a little taste of the hats that can be won and worn by your player. And yes you can show off your swag in multiplayer mode. Also- a little screenshot of my new Japanese maples in full wind and leaf glory. Sweet. Had to learn some 3-D max for the trees, but hey… what’re another 2 weeks?

Jasper Flats Course… An early version for testing.
The Jasper Flats Mesh

And last, I just wanted to show what my course meshes look like, and above you can see the mesh in the game. OK… Gotta grind.

A Golf Break

Started making a Golf-Game using a lot of the same code. Why, because I never finish anything -lol. Nah, because I need a change of pace.



June is Going Well

Finished the new UI system and it works… I decided to use the 2019 version since I was doing a complete rebuild and I’m glad I did. I couldn’t make a build on the old 2018 platform and I probably should have just made my own UI from the get go. Now, I am transferring over the environments and reducing draw calls to make the performance better for VR. It is going very well. I am looking forward to being able to transfer to an LTS version soon.

I am days away from making levels, only. .. hooray. The build times seem to be short and the load times seem small too. I have the audio from levels put into a singleton (it doesn’t die on load) – And that is great. Had problems with multiple singleton creation and now… no probs.

Now I am stepping into the arena with post processing to make the game look prettier. No new game footage to show yet, to the unknowing, it looks very similar. But, the old way was so buggy. Now no bugs. I know that the future will have little bugs and tweaks, bring it on.

Some Game Structure Rework

I decided to scrap the system that running the game scores and menus. I was using an asset called game framework , but I modded the heck out of it and it was always giving me problems. I’m glad to say that I am 75% done with its replacement. It’s so much simpler, looks similar, does more things that I need in my game and it works and it is hard to break. I am currently working on the “cheat” system for testing so that I can, in VR, change the game parameters and fix any problems.

Looking back, I probably spent 3-4 months of dev time modding the game framework asset. I thought it would be the way to go, because I plan to make an android/ios version later and this asset was designed with mobile in mind. Anyway, I am glad that I am making my own custom solution. And, at least I learned a lot.

In other news, I have merged the new audio tracts into the game and I working on an audio system that allows dynamic controls of ambiance, fx, music, and menu sound levels. Sometimes, I think that I really didn’t have to do so much and could keep it so much simpler…but I like that the game feels like a complete experience with a story and real graphics and all the goodies.

Also, the logos of the worlds / jobs are in place. And… the mystery of the transition between scenes has been solved. And… my dev notes are updated to include the new game system. Now back to coding.

April is for going backwards

So – I upgraded to the newest version of Unity…only to find out that I didn’t need to. As a matter of fact…it screwed up an important part of my game. The transition between levels no longer works. So I tried to fix it, but then decided to go back to the old version. And I found out that the old version is supported by Oculus…. OMG what a mess.

Above is Gina…she’s so pretty with that cig and blue eye-shadow and dancing and stuff. She may be Bubby’s granddaughter…hmm.

Besides fixing stupid bugs caused by my version change, I have been doing a lot of photoshop and texture compression. Fixing my menu system, naming each level, making icons, and adding sounds. Oh- and I built a whole intro and and short tutorial.

The game has a short little story too. Basically, a flying genie lamp finds you. And out pops a purple redneck guy named Bubby. Seems he is a collector of rare ashtrays, and has been trapped in the genie’s lamp because he accidentally used it as an ashtray. Not too good! But the genie has agreed to release him if he can get someone to beat the his puzzles that all have to do with disposing of a lit cig during work at dangerous places. So, Bubby gives you a magic cig and agrees to act as your guide throughout your game…Win the levels, and take back Bubby’s ashtray collection from the genie. Once all trays are returned, Bubby will be set free…

Now let’s build those levels.