Lobby Music with some OOH

I got the most recent OH YEAH takes from Julian. Here is my mix that I will be using for the lobby music. It ends with an OOH Yeah vocal – hangs, and then loops and I like it a lot. I would like to thank Julian and Kristen for their important work (on VR Smoking -haha). And I will build Kristen a used book store, in the game because I’m not that handy, to memorialize her vocal contributions.

Lobby Music Loop by Julian Crowhust

In other news I have completed 4 more ashtrays to bring the count to 18. Then I embarked on save and load features of the game. And I working on the resets, so that the player can start a new game. Some of the programming is an ass pain. But, need to do it. I have been rewarding myself with Rocket League playtime as a reward -lol.

It’s a Unicorn Ashtray…because…yeah

Oh – I completed a method to for me to place secret items into levels (via the editor) where when found they explode with confetti. Then they “lock in” and wait for you to complete the level and then expose your prize. And then the item adds to your inventory. Seem’s to work well, but I’m sure it will need a tweak or two.

Next stage is to add more hazards and puzzle thing helpers. Oh, I have been organizing the levels into a better, more organized format. And I have been combining textures to bring down the draw count considerably. Its running at 115 fps in VR now. But I would like to get the draw count under 100 – (Its 220 now, but it was over 1K)… It’s time consuming, but kinda fun in an OCD way to increase performance.