Lobby Update

Now that I made the initial levels of the game, the art-style in the start area was not working for me. I mean, it was temporary. So, I made a new lobby.

In this lobby, I added a lot of detail (hopefully not too much). Now the tutorial runs on a little old TV instead of a pull down screen. I have included a screenshot from the editor so you can see the entire room. I hope it can make the player make inferences about the character. Whatever, that would mean to them.

Updated Lobby
Lobby Overview

The start lobby includes all of the things that the original had…just more eye candy. The trophy case of ashtrays is now on the players left and I made it bigger. But then the ashtrays didn’t fill it. So I had to make 4 more. Now there are 16 ashtrays. I’ll make more…always need more -lol.