Original Idea

Below is the original July 2019 Idea. It has changed a bit now in order to actually make it work…and better.

You are smoking at work. You have 30 seconds to get rid of cigarette or YOU’RE FIRED.

Basically – you are the kind of person who just has to have a smoke…even while at work…and your jobs happen to be at super dangerous and explosive places. After your 12 days (puzzles) of work – you get a new job offer that takes you to a new environment and new dangers. Examples: Fireworks Factory (Boom), Toy Factory (Glue, Paint and Fur), Landscape(Gas, Fertilizer, Propane), Rocket Science Lab…etc. You will get Cig upgrades – like an e-cig that can be affected by magnets and gives of a burst of electricity if it touches the wrong thing. Each “day” gives you a new obstacle. One hand throws the cig and the other will need to push buttons or pull levers to control the environment.

Around the office – you will notice that things change from day to day and throwing your cig into something (like an open container) – may get you a bonus/secret (another track for that) like, new cigarette pack, vape juice, dip, a new smoke ring to blow at the beginning of levels, new ashtrays, etc….

You will also find documents and be inducted into the S3 – the secret smokers society… that’s who’s getting you the new jobs…your kinda like a dumb smoking spy -lol

So I killed the back story for now. But I hope to put things in the environment that tells a “story”.