Time to make a new game

So, I’m at a family dinner with the in-laws when my brother-in-law starts talking about a toy basketball hoop in his apartment and how his friends always throw balls and other things through it. YADAYADA

Light Bulb – I’m always coming up with game ideas BTW.  At that moment I was on Reddit and posting a game idea for the public about a little psycho-wanna be dentist kid that steals teeth.  – Trust me, it makes sense.

Then I just started writing a another post for a game I called Secret Smoke Break.  I upload the idea…(I will include the exact wording in another post). SO… I tell my wife about the idea. Usually I get the eye-roll.  But, she says…TAKE THAT POST DOWN RIGHT NOW AND MAKE THAT GAME. Holy Poop.

That was July 2019.  This pic is from 2 weeks later.

An Idea
Testing Room