A New VR Toy

I don’t know how I found one, but I now own an Oculus Quest. It’s nice…

Now I screwed myself up a bit, because my project is written using the 2018 (but still updated) version of Unity and the Quest needs 2019. Well crap…

So, I’ve been trying to get around the hundreds of errors when trying to port the f’er from 2018 to 2019. I WILL FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT !!!

Holographic Cigarette Toss

Anyway, the last week was spent on Vacation, away from all things computer. That was a bad choice because most things were shut down because of the crazy virus problem in the US. Well, the beaches were packed, but no alcohol, and the eateries were barely open. So, I would have had time to code…oh well.

I have been spending time on building news things, fixing mesh problems and getting the draw calls down (Making it perform better). Kind of boring and tedious, but its gotta be done. Like every sign and poster in the game now has its own 3 dimension model and all the textures are combined into a common material. Woot for me.

I finished my fantastic magnet drone that picks up a metal things and will be a great puzzle addition. Also made some new holes in wall meshes to add dimension and depth for bucket hiding. Oh, I made a swivel chair that reacts to being hit and spins around with the bucket on it. And the whole computer lab area had been redone with sounds and randomized lights and goodies. And, while I’m on a poopy rant, I made an outhouse that explodes.

Shoot, I forgot the big thing I DID…duh. The game is now ambidextrous, you can use both hands. So cool. So now you not only can use both, you can switch hands. No doodie. And now the props track the hand being used, because I made a new script… Still, got some polishing, but the lefties will be happy. Also it adds to the puzzles, Like, grab a snail gun, throw a cig to a holder orb, teleport while holding the gun….Then, grab the cig, shoot a thing blocking the bucket, throw cig in and win.

More pics and videos coming super soon.