April is for going backwards

So – I upgraded to the newest version of Unity…only to find out that I didn’t need to. As a matter of fact…it screwed up an important part of my game. The transition between levels no longer works. So I tried to fix it, but then decided to go back to the old version. And I found out that the old version is supported by Oculus…. OMG what a mess.

Above is Gina…she’s so pretty with that cig and blue eye-shadow and dancing and stuff. She may be Bubby’s granddaughter…hmm.

Besides fixing stupid bugs caused by my version change, I have been doing a lot of photoshop and texture compression. Fixing my menu system, naming each level, making icons, and adding sounds. Oh- and I built a whole intro and and short tutorial.

The game has a short little story too. Basically, a flying genie lamp finds you. And out pops a purple redneck guy named Bubby. Seems he is a collector of rare ashtrays, and has been trapped in the genie’s lamp because he accidentally used it as an ashtray. Not too good! But the genie has agreed to release him if he can get someone to beat the his puzzles that all have to do with disposing of a lit cig during work at dangerous places. So, Bubby gives you a magic cig and agrees to act as your guide throughout your game…Win the levels, and take back Bubby’s ashtray collection from the genie. Once all trays are returned, Bubby will be set free…

Now let’s build those levels.