Teleportation and Cannons

I know I owe this page a couple of videos, and they are coming soon. I just finished some more cool stuff. The teleporter is so good now. I made some legs that show you where you’re going to end up, and it works so well. No motion problems at all. I decided to go with a pulsing sphere holder thing that you can toss your cig into and then teleport to the cig to throw it again. Then the holder thing worked so well, I incorporated it into the game in other ways.

Did someone mention a dump truck? Well, I did. The RC dump truck drives around and you can start or stop it by hitting the remote. It can carry anything and make some great puzzle situations.

The pic above is a rough draft promo poster thing. The video (coming soon) shows off the new teleportation system and also; a jade elephant that adds seconds to the timer, a piggy bank that gives you a coin for the soda machine, some new switches, a stuffed bear cannon, and a purple fish that hides in the bucket.

Now I am working on a electromagnet thing that will hang from a chain on a track when indoors and hang from a drone flying along a path when outside. The energized magnet can pick up / drop metal boxes, car hoods, and other metal objects (like sodas) and stuff… The check marks in my notebook have grown substantially… I think I’m about 75% or more done with the core game. I like everything, so far, but I keep getting caught up in details and making things better. Gotta stay focused.