More Toys and Obstacles

I finally got approved by good folks at Steam and can start building my launch website. There are lots of things to learn and play with.

On the game-side, I made the snail gun fully functional, added a vending machine that dispenses explosive sodas, added some bank sucker tubes, a working paint can powered skateboard, hovering platforms and spring boxes. Getting the kinks out of all of the goodies working together. The little laboratory testing areas that I have made have had some unexpected interactions and have given me some more puzzle ideas.

Ooops – forgot to activate the mesh on the Gun hammer and trigger… but you get the idea.

I could make this thing super difficult, but I want to be fair to everyone. I may add some expert puzzles later. Oh, and I started work on the teleporter – right now you put your hand on a scanner and it counts downs and brings you to the next platform. I think I will change it or make another version where flicking the cig teleports you, so you can catch it and toss it again. Thinking about using a dash-like teleport to move the player thru certain stars. Like a people mover.

All in all, it’s looking good. I can ‘t wait to actually build the puzzles. So close now. Below is a new video showing off some more interactions, the snail gun, and the coin and big pop fizee vending machine, and the shaking can mechanic in action.