OMG I added a gun (sort of)

OK -So I had this idea… a snail gun. But why would you shoot a snail? Well, the snail is the “bullet” – it is the shell when fired, but sticks to things…like areas around buttons. That allows players to activate far away buttons and to also use the snail gun to knock over or destroy other things. It works so well. And, its super cute. My weekend was spent making the whole thing and programming. It was a good time. Say hello to the only “weapon” in the game.

A Real Slug

Now I have a few more things to make and then it’s puzzle creation time. I saved that part for last because it will be my favorite part. I have to do some scene optimization first. It will be an ass pain. But, it’s gotta be done. Trying to reduce the draw calls significantly.

And here is another “enemy” of the cigarette.

Waiting for a snack

Now I’m off to make a soda grenade. Of course…because you know what that does… Well, neither do I…yet. But it looks so good. Gotta find a use. So far, throw a coin into the machine, it shakes and tosses a can back at you. You catch it and now you have a fully functional soda grenade. Very messy and non-flammable. Hmm…

And a bonus one for the heck of it.

Rocket Cock-a-doodle