The Explosion Lab

I call it Explosion Lab because I originally set up the scene to test new explosion pre-fabs. Then, of course, I went a little nutz and started making too much stuff. But I like it. I have included a little video to memorialize the creation of some more “hazards”.

I was ill over the weekend and quarantined to my home office, and unity…so I was actually very productive. The video shows the new, pain in the ass, bird. He likes cigarettes and crackers, but who can blame him. Then it shows some of the explosions I created. I am attempting to match the art styles and the polygonal explosions. Some explosions and fire things have slightly realistic styles mixed with polygons. That is my desired design.

Introducing the AA robot (she is saying “AA” BTW) – as in anti-avian and anti-air things. She is very angry. She seems not to like birds or much else. I must figure out a way to destroy or disable her. I love the way her animations turned out. She is actually not animated at all. She just responds to the environment and a predefined path. I love her.

OMG – the video also shows the purple portal grenade. It’s so fun and so many puzzle possibilities. And my new mesh fire effect. You may have noticed that the stuffed bear explodes with stuffing and the red crate with Chinese take-out boxes. I am making many custom explosions that render things associated with level. And I am also working on shrapnel pieces of things that explode. This game is all about blowin stuff up, so it might as well be interesting.

Oh, and my fish is so good. I will show this to you later. I need to quarantine myself more -lol.