Another Milestone

So I just completed the save system and the system that displays and keeps track of the amount of collectibles acquired. And that all interacts with a third system that allows me to hide stuff in the editor. Seems to work well.

I put out a little contest on Reddit for people to make some cig designs. I didn’t get any responses, at first. Then I got a couple of peeps interested, with no examples. So, I decided to do it myself. If anyone wants to show me their designs – I will still pay the bucks if I like them. Here is a little gif of some of my collectible cig packs.

Some Collectible Cig Packs by TenFiddy

The music is coming along nicely. Next up is the explosions and hazards. That takes a bit of programming. I am now officially in programming mode. It was tough to get out of design and art mode. I keep writing notes in a google doc to memorialize my additions and so I can review in the future in case I forget. And here are some of my Smoke Break cig brands.

Virtual Brands for Virtual Smoking

In sad news, I spent the holiday at a huge funeral for my super awesome uncle who…. used to smoke a lot. And guess what he died of… lung and throat cancer. Smoking is no joke. Don’t do it. (Unless it’s in VR) — Uncle Terry will be missed and always loved.