June is Going Well

Finished the new UI system and it works… I decided to use the 2019 version since I was doing a complete rebuild and I’m glad I did. I couldn’t make a build on the old 2018 platform and I probably should have just made my own UI from the get go. Now, I am transferring over the environments and reducing draw calls to make the performance better for VR. It is going very well. I am looking forward to being able to transfer to an LTS version soon.

I am days away from making levels, only. .. hooray. The build times seem to be short and the load times seem small too. I have the audio from levels put into a singleton (it doesn’t die on load) – And that is great. Had problems with multiple singleton creation and now… no probs.

Now I am stepping into the arena with post processing to make the game look prettier. No new game footage to show yet, to the unknowing, it looks very similar. But, the old way was so buggy. Now no bugs. I know that the future will have little bugs and tweaks, bring it on.