Paid art-design work / contest

BIG MONEY – I need a cigarette (or 10)… I am looking for fresh ideas for a fake cigarette logo and cigarette texture / material / shader. I am looking for creative designs. This is a VR game. The cigarettes are prizes that the player can win and use to play the game. The design can be serious, fantasy, funny or whatever. This is a PG game (I will edit naughty stuff, but it’s OK to submit)

The player will only see the cigarette logo when changing cigarettes or on a box/poster in the environment. The player will see the actual cigarette a lot.  So, the cigarette texture / art / material / shader is the most important.  I already have color variations, I am looking for design. Like stripes, patterns, animated textures, fx, etc.  Things that a player will enjoy looking at or give them the incentive to win.

It’s all about the cigarette. *If your cigarette design is good – you can win.

The contest is worth a whole $10.50 for each winning design …with $105 total prizes.  You can win more than once. Paid by pay pal (or maybe similar). And game credits.

What you get: ZIP FILE HERE

  1. the actual cig model fbx (basically a cylinder)
  2. a cig material as an example
  3. a cigarette logo (a 4×4 inch .png file)
Actual Model and 4×4 inch .png, and psd file included in ZIP

What I need…

  • A picture or video of your work. (video or gif, if animated texture)

What I need if you are chosen:

ATTENTION: I WILL PAY YOU FIRST and then you send the files.


  1. The material and shader used.
  2. The logo (4×4 .png file transparent, or photoshop file)

**By accepting funds/payment, you agree that I may use your logo and cigarette design in my game. You will receive credit. I reserve full rights to the design and may modify it.

This is a great way to get your name into the industry and add a little piece to your resume. I will give you my email info when you contact me – so you can check out more details.

Now go make some smokes!